North QLD Cyclone Repairs - Lads Passage AtoNs

Scope of work

AMSA engaged PMG to complete repairs and upgrades at nine (9) Aids to Navigation through the Far North Queensland ‘Lads Passage’ which are integral to the navigation of the Great Barrier Reef for international shipping. Damage including paint system, corrosion protection, electrical and structural as well as scouring of concrete structures was included in the contract works stemming from damage sustained during Tropical Cyclone Trevor in 2019.

  • Site Investigations & survey to determine extent of damage and undertake site measurement and quantity checks to aid in design and procurement.
  • Scour Protection Design for Concrete Structures.
  • Long Term Corrosion Protection Design.
  • Falseworks Access & structural modification design
  • Install 64 Bluemont 2T Rock Bags
  • Formwork and over 3m3 of specialised underwater grout injection across 3 sites.
  • Stainless steel structural modifications and paint repairs at all sites.
  • Denso Seashield 2000FD series, Steelcoat 100 System applications both above and below water across 4 sites totalling over 340sqm. Of Denso coverage.
  • Structural/Electrical installation and commissioning of 12V solar supply navigation light.
  • Helideck and access structure removal at 3 tidal sites.

Site works included locations from Cooktown to Lockhart River and 40NM further north utilising PMGs construction barge and support tug with onboard accommodation crewing up to 20 personnel through most of the project duration.

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

August 2020 – April 2021

Contract Value

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