Abell Point Marina Rebuild

Cyclone Debbie caused extensive damage through the Whitsundays. PMG have been involved on a number of fronts during the cleanup and rebuilding, with the largest of these to date being demolition of a section of Abell Point Marina, and installation of 50 new piles to support Superior Jetties in their overall marina reconstruction contract.

Our approach to these marina jobs is a little different to most of the marina construction companies. We mobilise the larger equipment - in this case PMG150 and PMG123 towed by a range of tugs including PMG Pride, Tarka and Sailfish, 100 and 70T crawler cranes, ICE416 vibrohammer, Dawson 4500 double impact hammer, and sizable 2 gate piling frames. This larger sized equipment allows us to get through the volume of work quickly, safely and efficiently, and allows plenty of reserve capacity if the piling ground gets a bit hard, or pile to be extracted is particularly stubborn. 

All the piles were spliced in house by our fabrication department, All barges were setup and loaded at our Townsville facility, and all demolition materials were bought back to Townsville on barges and unloaded/disposed of through our facility, with numerous barge trips back and forth involved.

This very successful project was another one of those projects that used most of our divisions - Marine, Construction, Project Management, Dive, Fabrication, Fitters, Painters, Logistics, Admin.