Pacific Marine Group is experienced in cyclone mooring installation, maintenance, and removal where required. We have completed a number of large scale cyclone mooring projects, typically for large scale dredging and construction projects, using anchors in the 2T – 8T range, and chains in the 40mm – 80mm size.

In addition to cyclone moorings, Pacific Marine Group has developed an eco-friendly Grouted Screw Mooring (GSM) system. The system has been developed in conjunction with James Cook University and an international patent is held by Pacific Marine Group for this system. Over 300 GSM’s have been installed along the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Rowley Shoals (WA), Ashmore Reef (WA) and as far as Hawaii.

Divers use an underwater drill rig to screw a 4m long screw shaft into the seabed. As drilling occurs, grout is pumped out through the lead helix (tip), resulting in a 4m deep, 600mm concrete column. Once the concrete is set, a pad eye is bolted on and the rigging attached. The system is typically used for vessels up to 35m / 300T, but larger vessels can be accommodated with the use of “Tri” moorings. Essentially three GSM’s linked together with a common pad eye.

Complete Fendering Systems

Pacific Marine Group has a range of quality pneumatic fenders available in North Queensland suitable for wharf side and slip side use.

The high deflection rates of these fenders provide maximum protection for wharves and vessels when berthing. Pacific Marine Group fenders are constructed using three thick rubber layers bonded together. The centre layer is reinforced with nylon fabric and protected by a tyre net. They are capable of supporting vessels up to 100,000 tonnes. Custom designed breasting barges and other associated equipment is available to cater to special requirements.

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