We’ve outlined the major steps so you know what you’re in for once you’ve decided to join us

  1. Search for a suitable role and if you don’t find a role that suits your skills and qualifications apply to our generic job to be added to our talent pool
  2. If you find a job you want to apply for prepare a cover letter that outlines how your skills, experience and certification/s fulfill the job requirements. Make sure you include both a cover letter and resume
  3. If we need more information, we will contact you to arrange either an over the phone or face to face interview
  4. If you progress through to interview stage, we may check references and work rights
  5. Once the appropriate checks have taken place we will make you an offer of employment for you to consider.

We appreciate all applications and interest from people wanting to work for Pacific Marine Group. If you are not contacted by human resources for a current employment opportunity, we will keep your resume on record for future opportunities.

Graduates and Apprentices

Pacific Marine Group regularly recruits for graduates and apprentices to join our team. Generally these positions are advertised in the latter half of the calendar year.

In order for Pacific Marine Group to continue to grow we need the very best people to help us achieve this. Candidates must be able to demonstrate they are ambitious, creative and committed before being interviewed at Pacific Marine Group.

Have you got what it takes?
  • A demonstrated ability to work and learn from others
  • Be in your final year of school or university
  • If at school, achieve satisfactory marks in all subjects
  • If at university, achieve a GPA of 5 or more
  • Willing to work on jobs away from our site in Townsville
  • Be prepared to challenge yourself to be something more

One thing we are told by many of our Graduates and Apprentices is "Nowhere in North Queensland would they have the opportunity to work on such a variety of plant, equipment and in such remote locations except at Pacific Marine Group."

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