Loves Jetty Demolition

Scope of work


The scope tendered by North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) included removal and recycling of Loves Jetty and two additional tug berths which were deemed no longer robust enough to withstand impact from vessels. The berths had been decommissioned in recent years after a prominent history operating as a tourist terminal for cruise ships. NQBP awarded the Loves Jetty Demolition Project to Pacific Marine Group (PMG) as a Lump Sum Contract.

Project Brief:

A pump/motor/engine assembly was dismantled and relocated from a pump house, the saltwater pumphouse was then demolished via a demolition robot slung from a crane. This ensured an exclusion zone was maintained from the freestanding structure at all times. The concrete deck was then cut using remote control diamond wire saws, each section around 30Te was slung on the crane then lifted off once the cut was complete.

East and West Tug Berths were deconstructed simultaneously and all piles were pulled to finalise the scope.

Description of Works by PMG:

  • Asbestos removal prior to demolition works;
  • Pumphouse strip down and removal of roof section;
  • Removal and relocation of engine/pump/motor;
  • West and East Tug demolition/deconstruction;
  • Pump hose demolition;
  • Loves Jetty demolition;
  • High Risk critical lifts over pipelines;
  • Monument relocation;
  • Debris removal at Wharf 2;


  • 115 timber/concrete/steel piles removed;
  • Over 1200Te of concrete demolished and recycled;
  • 136Te recycled;
  • Over 30Te of timber recycled.

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North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP)

Aug - Nov 17

Case Study

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