McConnell Dowell GeoSea (MDGS) JV and Bechtel


2013 - 2015

Contract Value


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Scope of Work

Pacific Marine Group was contracted to provide logistical support to the HPX3 project. This included the provision of 20,000m2 of laydown area for approx. 400 x prefabricated concrete decking units and prefabricated steel modules prior to transporting them to site by sea. In support of the project PMG provided crewed tugs, barges and cranage to load and transport the items to site. In addition PMG provided crewed tugs to tow barge loads of project equipment not only from our Townsville yard but form the Ports of Townsville and Gladstone over the duration of the project. These items included prefabricated conveyor sections and other componentry imported from overseas.

  • Provide crewed tugs and barges for the transport of project materials and equipment,

  • Provide laydown area and logistics support to load and seafix onto the barges,

  • Provide load design, tow surveys and arrange pilotage for each individual barge load/tow,

  • Provide overall coordination with the project team to fit with the project’s construction sequence and program.

  • Provide vessels, equipment and manpower to react to changing priorities on short notice

Equipment Used:




PMG150, PMG180, PMG183W & Others

Tug Boats

Terlak, Tukang & PMG Harmony

Lay down area

20,000m2 within PMG's Townsville yard

Barge Load Designs

G.A. Glanville Naval Architects

Lifting (PMG Yard)

150t crawler crane & 20t franna

Seafixing and Tow Surveys

Various Marine Surveyors

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