Hay Point Stacker Reclaimers Transport and Roll Off

PMG have commenced barge movement of Stacker Reclaimer components between Mackay and Hay Point. The job involves acceptance of Stacker Reclaimer components up to 250T via ships hook from a heavy lift ship in Mackay Harbour, seafastening, then towing the barge to Half Tide Tug Harbour, fitting heavy ramps to the bow of the barge, then rolling off the cargo on Self Propelled Module Transporters (SPMTs). PMG plant involved includes PMG182 - a 54m x 18m flat top barge specifically configured for this job, PMG Tarka, our 30T Damen Shoalbuster, and well as PMG Swordfish, a 16m tug. 

The barge must be configured differently for each bargeload with load spreading mats and stools unique to each piece of the Stacker Reclaimer. We have driven piles in Half Tide Tug Harbour to berth against, and the seabed has been prepared in advance of this job. The job involves a number of parties including BMA, Sandvik, Mammoet, Pacific Marine Group and Conceptum. All is going well with 3 of the 16 bargeloads safely delivered and rolled off.

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