Herbert River Rock Dumping

PMG have recently returned from an interesting and challenging fresh water project on the Herbert River in Ingham.

The project required us to place approximately 2000Te of 300mm – 750mm diameter rock in scoured areas adjacent to Queensland Rail’s  Herbert River Railway Bridge piers.

The main challenges we faced were access and shallow water.   We had to launch into the water 2 off 14m x 3.5m road transportable barges, that were to be linked and have an excavator walked aboard.  In addition we had to get 2 off 8m x 4.3m rubble barges (which were wide load by road transport) into the water, as well as a few punts and dive / push boats.

With no easy crane access our barges had to be carried to the water’s edge with an excavator and loader then moved down a prepared earthworks pad.  All challenging but the operation was well planned and executed.

Once in the water, our 2 main barges were linked together via connecting beams and a 20Te excavator was walked onboard.  This platform formed the rock dumping barge, and the 2 rubble barges were used to transport rock from the shore to this platform in 10 – 12Te loads.

Our divers were also involved in the operation for inspection purposes, working from within crocodile nets placed around the dive site.

Pre and post site hydrographic surveys were used to plan and confirm acceptance of the works.

Mitch Park and his site team have done a fantastic job in challenging conditions.

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