Kikori River PNG - CP Stations and River Markers Project

PMG have been busy on a remote project in PNG recently. The project involves installation of 36 piles 1000mm and 1200mm diameter with wall thicknesses 20 and 25mm, in the Kikori River in the Gulf of Papua. These piles support cathodic protection stations in a monopile arrangement, or signage designating the location of a submerged oil pipeline.

In addition we have a number of redundant existing shore based Cathodic Protection Stations to demolish, as well as a number of submerged sheetpile walls to remove.

The project involves 2 dedicated spudded crane barges (PMG181 and PMG182 with 180T and 250T crawler cranes) and tugs PMG Pride and PMG Tarka supporting the crane barges and providing accommodation for the 26 crew on site at any one time. Each barge has it’s own dedicated crew transfer vessel (PMG Coastal and Harry Jon).

The project is around 60% complete, with 26 of the 36 piles driven and fitted out.