Kikori River Project Completed Successfully

The Kikori River CP Stations and River Markers Project has been completed, with all personnel and equipment now demobilised back to Australia. There has been a significant amount of work involved in Customs and AQIS clearing 2 complete crane barges with all associated piling and construction equipment back into Australia, but it's all done now.

The project, whilst very remote and challenging, is a credit to all the site team - Col, Eddie, Justin, Mark, Kieran, Clay, Sean, Dave, Brad, Frank, Mike, Sam, Harry, Nick, Wombat and Thy and so many more of the team who have put in so much hard work over a long duration.

The job involved installation of 36 piles, some acting as Cathodic protection Stations and others as Navigation Aids, plus a significant amount of demolition and removal of old river infrastructure. Torrential rain, very strong river flows, shallow water and extreme logistical challenges all made the job complex, but ultimately the client is very happy with how it has all gone, and the product they have been left with.