Norship Finger Wharf - Cairns

Pacific Marine Group have recently completed construction of a 40T vessel capacity finger wharf for Norship Marine in Portsmith, Cairns.  This construction will aid in increasing Norship’s capacity for smaller vessel repairs, maintenance and refits.

The works involved installation of a sheet pile wall that was finished off with an in situ concrete capping beam connected to an existing wharf.  Eight tubular piles were then driven and dynamically tested in the creek before brackets, falsework and formwork were installed for an in situ deck pour.  The concrete was a Xypex mix, typical for waterproofing in marine structures and all concrete was water cured to ensure there was no run off from curing agents into the creek.

Fender piles, kidney bollards and a tyre stop were also installed to finished off the scope.  The project also saw the return of our crane barge "Sheerlegs" to active service after a significant rebuild. Well done to all involved.

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