Ocean Sentinels Installation

We’ve recently successfully completed installation of the “Ocean Sentinels” artworks at John Brewer Reef off Townsville for our client MOUA (Museum of Underwater Art). Ocean Sentinels is the 3rd exhibition we have installed for MOUA. The other 2 being the Coral Greenhouse at John Brewer Reef, and Ocean Siren at the Strand – Townsville.

Coral Greenhouse

Ocean Siren

Ocean Sentinels is a series of 8 x low carbon environmentally friendly concrete sculptures of hybrid human and natural forms, designed and built by world renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor, based on predominately Australians whose work in the field of marine science and marine conservation have been highly commended and influential in our understanding of reef protection.

The sculptures are aimed at being a snorkelling attraction, so were installed in relatively shallow water by PMG crane barge and PMG Divers. The artworks are designed to be colonised by marine life, and are aimed at becoming a living and evolving part of the ecosystem. While we were installing the Ocean Sentinels, the team checked in on the Coral Greenhouse right alongside, which was installed in December 2019 (3.5 years ago), to see some amazing coral growth on the structures.

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