Port Moresby Ocean Outfall Update

Works in Port Moresby continue on the POMSSUP Ocean Outfall Construction with great support by PNG based companies and subcontractors. Hydrostatic testing of DN900 pipe strings was completed in January 2018. Dave Harper and the team have completed further geotechnical investigations and testing of the Swampy Excavator capacity for the project works with much success.

Last month we received the first deliveries of precast sinker units from local support company Curtain Brothers. These are the first 40 of 157 assemblies and are currently being fitted to the diffuser pipeline string which is being fully assembled and launched. The assembly and launch operation has moved along quite seamlessly with efforts being a calibration by a young personnel from each of our company departments (Brent Adams & Ryan Mills - Fabrication, Aron Maull - Maintenance, Sam Hall - Marine, Kieran Birchley - Logistics). As we ramp up operations we will have further involvement by additional PMG and local personnel.

Air filled, the diffuser string remains buoyant for towing to site and sinking later this month. At 240m long the exercise of towing and sinking will be quite the spectacle and achievement with the pipe expected to be sunk in approximately 40 minutes. This will pave the way for the remainder of works to be completed leading up to the transition connection with the land pipeline by others. The race is well and truly on.