Port of Townsville Berth 10 Extension

PMG has almost completed the Berth 10 wharf extension project for Port of Townsville Limited (POTL). 

The Berth 10A wharf is a common user facility that primarily caters for cruise ships and defence vessels. The existing Berth 10A wharf was completed in 2012 as part of the Townsville Port Inner Harbour Expansion (TPIX) project. It is L-shaped with the main wharf 190 m long and the orthogonal secondary wharf 55m long. The configuration of the secondary wharf allows for stern ramps from smaller car carriers and Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) operations.

As the 55m secondary wharf was too short to accommodate angled ramps from the larger RORO Vessels. POTL engaged PMG to extend the Secondary Wharf to suit these larger vessels.  The length and width of the extended wharf allows for 38 m beam vessels and also allows RORO operations for a 120t capacity 40ft cargo trailer with tractor.

The wharf extension works comprised rock armour removal and reinstatement, supply and installation of 813mm dia. piles, pile caps, precast retaining walls and over 300m3 of concrete. Due to the new deck extending further back from the quayline than the existing secondary wharf, the adjacent concrete relieving slabs were specifically designed to allow joint movement but combat settlement at the internal corner.  

Works are scheduled for completion during August 2020.