Port of Townsville Berth 6 and 7 Demolition

PMG have recently started an exciting project in Port of Townsville. We are demolishing 2 berths (6 and 7) which were constructed in 1910.

The project will involve removal of around 580 individual concrete piles, up to 15000T of concrete deck and beams which will be crushed and separated into steel and concrete. The concrete is then recycled into roadbase and the steel rebar recycled. We also have to dredge around 70 000m3 of seabed to -12.7m LAT, which must be disposed of on land. Also we have to decontaminate and remove from site an entire shiploader and conveyor structure.

PMG's marine facility in Townsville will be heavily used over the next 12 months to support the project, and gear we are using on site includes the crane barge "Sheerlegs", tug "Sailfish", barges "PMG121" and "PMG181" which have been fitted with spuds, our pushboats "Grunter1" and "Grunter2",  150 and 70T crawler cranes, and a number of excavators running hydraulic shears and rock breaking attachments. Some great new innovative gear has been designed and built in house, including a number of rubble barges that fit between rows of piles, and a pile tipping frame to increase safety and efficiency associated with getting extracted piles from a vertical to horizontal position for loading onto barges for removal off site.

The job has got off to a great start, with around 15% of the concrete deck already removed, and around 50 piles extracted. The shiploader is already gone also.