Townsville Dredge Material Unloading Facility

PMG have been engaged by Hall Contracting to undertake piling works as part of the Temporary Unloading Facility construction package which is part of the Port of Townsville Channel Upgrade Project. The works being completed under stringent permit conditions that include:

  • sound monitoring studies for its pile driving activities.
  • marine megafauna observation for our local snubfin & humpback dolphins, green turtles as well as some curious crocodiles.
  • Invasive Marine Species monitoring and management utilising our commercial diving and ROV personnel.

The scope of works includes installing:

  • 30 x 750dia Anchor Piles
  • 6 x 950dia Breasting Piles
  • 137 x AZ36-700N Double Sheet Piles (just shy of 200m of sheet pile wall)

To drive the piles we used equipment including an ICE55NF Vibratory Hammer and IHC S-70 Sheetlegs Impact Hammer paired with our in house ICE vibro hammers and Junttan 7/9A Impact Hammer. This pile driving gear has been operated from our marine plant that includes PMG151, PMG181 & PMG182 Construction Barges paired with our Sany 100T & 150T Crawler Cranes.

Brandon, Andrew and crew completed the works which took significant commitment from their whole team and support of all of PMG’s departments out of the Townsville Marine Precinct.

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