Weipa Mission River Bridge 2020 Campaign

PMG have almost completed our 2020 Mission River Bridge campaign in Weipa for one of our biggest tier 1 clients - RioTinto.

This job has been very challenging due to the very remote site, a predator rich diving environment, poor water visibility, hot conditions and of course Covid 19 travel restrictions and additional control measures.

Our on site team of 17 skilled men and women have worked long hours under difficult conditions to get the job to where it is now, and the job is on track to be completed with zero safety incidents.

We have a large equipment spread on site involving our PMG124 barge as the main work platform, workboats, nitrox machine, multiple dive spreads and video systems, deck decompression chamber, compressors, hydraulic units, grit and water blasters, welding machines etc etc etc all working hard for endless hours in demanding conditions.

The divers work inside a predator protection net that is suspended below pontoons, and is raised to move to the next location, then lowered to the seabed. The system has been successfully used by PMG for over 20 years on this job site. New technologies for net deployment have been introduced this year by way of ROV (remote operated vehicle) and side scan sonar.

Works being completed on site include underwater welding for pile strengthening, cleaning and inspection, and Cathodic Protection upgrades.

The works are due for completion in late December 2020, after which the PMG Tarka will steam to site to tow the barge PMG124 home (7 day tow) just in time for Christmas.

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