Whitsundays Grouted Screw Moorings

Pacific Marine Group’s recent Whitsunday Grouted Screw Mooring (GSM) Project for Dept. of National Parks Sport and Racing consisted of the installation of 44 x GSM’s within the Whitsunday Islands, from the Beautiful Bays of Mantaray Bay on Hook Island located on the Northern end of the Whitsundays to the South installing at Stone Haven Bay, South Molle Island just south of Daydream Island, heading East to Whitsunday Islands Tongue Bay, Saba Bay, Haslewood Island, Border Island and a further 20 nautical miles out to the stunning Bait Reef.

The purpose of these moorings is to give visitors the opportunity to visit these beautiful places safely with as little environmental impact as possible leaving it as they found it for the next visitor. Grouted Screw Moorings, in conjunction with reef protection markers, reduce anchor use in these fragile and pristine environments. Anchor drags on these reefs have been a significant problem and noticeably damaging for some time.

The reef is a very fragile environment and takes a long time to recover from damage caused by dropping and retrieving anchors and therefore the installation of Grouted Screw Moorings is a success story on many QLD and WA reefs. Pacific Marine Group have the preferred and patented product for GSM’S and are proud to work alongside National Parks and others to provide a mooring system that is safe, and load tested, to meet required loads for use in all conditions, and most of all takes care of our beautiful reefs that the public and tourism operators have come to enjoy.

PMG have over 300 of these GSM’s installed along the Great Barrier Reef, as well as the Rowley Shoals and other offshore reefs in WA.

Photo credits to our Project Manager John Davis for these amazing images.

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