Abbot Point Stacker Reclaimer Marine Logistics

Scope of work

  • Abbot Point Stacker Reclaimer Marine Logistics
  • FAM required a new complete Stacker Reclaimer to be transported by barge between Port of Townsville, and Port of Abbot Point. The cargo was to be rolled off at a dedicated Materials Landing Facility (MOF) that PMG had just completed as a design and construct project at Abbot Point.
  • PMG’s workscope was to provide all barge and marine logistics, Naval Architect work for roll off modelling and seafastening design, all seafastening provision and installation, all Tow Survey work, and co-ordination with heavy haulage contractor (Mammoet).
  • The stacker reclaimer was modularised to 5 bargeloads.
  • Cargo was loaded onto PMG’s barge by a combination of heavy lift ship’s crane in Port of Townsville, and roll on at Port of Townsville. Cargo was placed onto prefabricated and placed stands.
  • PMG then installed all required seafastening, had the Tow Survey completed by a full time project Tow Surveyor, and towed the barge to the Abbot Point MOF, where the barge was then docked, heavy ramps lifted into place, seafastenings removed, and cargo rolled off the barge on the suitable tide height.

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NMT Global Project Logistics

Sep - Oct 2017

Case Study

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