Defence Wharf Structures Maintenance

Scope of work

Project Brief:

The aim of this project is to undertake critical maintenance activities to prolong the life of Defence wharf structures located in Townsville and Cairns. It will also remediate a number of safety risks that have been identified. The project work involves minor structural modifications, protective treatment maintenance, and repairs to cathodic protection systems.

Description of Works by PMG:

  • Removal of marine structures floating pontoons, gangways, landings, fender bars and restraint piles from site and lift out for refurbishment works at PMG facility
  • Install new protective coatings floor surfaces on all structures including bearers, fenders and services where required
  • Apply new protective coatings to all fixed structures in-situ such as mooring piles, jetty piles and sheet pile wall
  • Reinstall all structures and services as per original configuration
  • Commission all services and supply test results
Description Resource
Work boats (Punts and pontoon) 14m pontoon, punt 2 and poly’s
Cranes PMG Yard 150t, 70t and 25t Franna’s
Cranes HMAS Cairns 130t mobile
Blast and paint facility PMG yard PMG crew
Mobile blast and paint facility PMG equipment

Challenges Faced:

Some challenges with this project became evident quite early in the timeline with regard to the scope of work and the associated timelines and resources required to complete the project. The first major challenge presented itself early in the project when it was discovered the weight of the items to be removed were significantly larger than initial estimates provided. This resulted in the need for far larger lifting equipment to remove the items from the water onto the hard. This was overcome using PMG wide range of machines combined with detailed schedules and planning for lifting equipment allocation.

Further challenges were evident in the form of work scope increases due to the condition of the items after stripping and inspection. To manage this, PMG assigned a number of extra staff to the project and worked closely with designers and large supplier base to achieve quality results. Due to the defence bases requirement for continual operation careful planning and regular detailed correspondence with all stakeholders was key to accommodating defence operations during the works.

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Aurecon/Spotless/Department of Defence

May 2016 - Jan 2017

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