Weipa Beacons

Scope of work

  • Installation (3) off new Ø1200 OD Piles & installation of Denso SeaShield 2000FD Models onto these and (1) off existing Ø610 OD Pile at the outer limits of the South Channel.

  • Installation of the SeaShields was from -1 LAT to the top of the pile.

  • Build an installation platform capable of housing the works crew; which consisted of divers for the underwater sections & topside crew once above the waterline to allow the divers to move onto the next section while providing predator protection at all times.

  • Development of an installation methodology using a PMG modified version of the Denso Installation Air Tool & mounting of that system within the work platform.

  • The 3 major piles did not require any cleaning but the 4th pile required extensive cleaning to remove old growth and 5.7 meters of Class 1 Reflective Tape. The platform was lowered and a plastic skin was put around the base of the cage to catch any of the tape scraped off. After this the pile was greased with Denso Primer D, followed by a 150mm tape wrap with a 55% overlap and finally the SeaShield was installed.

  • The entire project team along with the Client Representatives were housed on the 34 meter Support Vessel “PMG Pride” throughout the works. The Pride can sleep up to 20 personnel.
  • The Pile installations were conducted using a 220T Crane on a 180 foot barge that had all of the project equipment on board.

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North Queensland Bulk Ports

October 2012

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