Yanks Jetty Refurbishment

Scope of work

PMG undertook a refurbishment of the Yanks Jetty structure located on Orpheus Island in 2013, which was funded under NDRRA arrangements with management on Hinchinbrook Shire Council’s behalf by AECOM.

The works included the replacement of several damaged steel approach walkway sections with new aluminium gangways and construction of a new concrete abutment which was cast in situ by PMG using high strength concrete that was batched on site.

The works also included the refurbishment of the existing piles and replacement of the damaged headstocks with prefabricated and pre-painted units that were welded into position on site.

The Scope of Works originally had the piles being blasted and painted on site within the marine park. PMG offered an alternative tender that included a protective system that offered the benefits of being cheaper, providing a longer protection lifespan than a traditional paint system, along with significantly reduced risk of environmental contamination associated with onsite grit blasting and painting. This alternative was taken up by the client and as a result the pile bents were treated with petroleum based wrap system that was applied between the underside of the headstocks and running down to below seabed level.

Anodes on each jetty bent were also reconfigured so they remained accessible for inspection and replacement once the pile wrapping had been installed to ensure longevity of the underlying steel support structure.

PMG utilised a crane barge with a pedestal mounted 75 T crane to support the site crew undertaking the refurbishment works. Additionally PMG utilised one of our tug boats as an accommodation vessel while on site, which enabled the crew to be fully self-sufficient and have the necessary materials and equipment at hand, which minimised the requirement for ongoing logistics support at this isolated site.

PMG completed a complete refurbishment of the pontoon and gangway structures in 2015. During this campaign the pontoon was disconnected from it's on-site mooring system and towed back to Townsville, where it was lifted out of the water at PMG's marine facility for a full refurbishment including full blast and paint, steelwork repairs, and timber repairs. It was then towed back to site and refitted.

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