Gold Coast Desalination Plant Diffuser Installation

Scope of work

2008 Construction Scope of Work:

  • Underwater construction activities associated with installation of GCD inlet and outlet structures – diving from Jack up Barge Eunsung 1200 - including:
  • Seabed survey, prior to component installation.
  • De-watering GRP liner.
  • Broco cut 3m diameter steel casing.
  • Removal of GRP riser dome and internal pneumatic plug.
  • Install structure supporting spider.
  • Install and grout spider fender piles.
  • Install GRP chlorination pipe manifold and manifold protection ring to intake riser.
  • Lower, position and bolt intake and discharge heads to spider.
  • Install diffuser pipelines, ballast blocks and anodes.
  • Final inspection of installed components by diver and ROV.

2010 Maintenance Scope of Work:

  • Underwater maintenance activities associated with installation of GCD inlet and outlet structures including:
  • Remove intake dome
  • Wet store intake dome
  • Reinstate intake riser plug/cap
  • Flood intake liner and tunnel
  • Recover intake riser cap and plug
  • Install intake chlorination manifold to intake liner
  • Restore intake dome to spider
  • Remove redundant discharge dome
  • Remove redundant diffuser elbows
  • Install new thrust blocks
  • Install new discharge dome to spider
  • Install new diffuser elbows
  • Fit and make up diffuser elbow to pipeline spoolpiece templates
  • Install diffuser elbow to pipeline spoolpieces
  • Place 500 tonne of anti scour rip-rap rock under diffuser pipelines and ballast blocks.

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2008 Construction, 2010 Maintenance

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