POMSSUP Coral Relocation

Scope of work

The recent coral relocation completed by Pacific Marine Group in PNG was the first stage of the POMSSUP Ocean Outfall Project. The requirement for this portion of the project was to relocate 240 living corals from the new pipeline footprint and beyond to provide a clear laneway through the reef and allow for the installation of the pipeline while preserving this pristine environment.

The outfall will involve installation of around 750m of 900mm diameter HDPE pipe through a reef flat, and around 100m of deeper water over the reef edge - laying to approximately 27m water depth. A 50m long diffuser structure will be installed in 27m water depth at the end of the outfall.

After harvesting a selection of high value corals, the corals were replanted in carefully chosen planting areas either side of the pipeline route. PMG worked closely with a team of coral specialist scientific divers and local divers to complete these works. The relocation was a complete success and the total number of corals relocated was in excess of 300. Many living creatures such as Anemone fish including their host Anemone’s, Sea stars, many small fish, Feather worms, Ribbon Eels and even an Epaulette shark were also relocated along with the corals.

The works were completed ahead of schedule. The client conducted an inspection dive at the site and was impressed with the relocation efforts and arrangements. The local villagers often approached as PMG personnel worked via boat and swimming. These villagers were excited by our presence and appreciated the effort to preserve their reef as it is a very large part or their day to day life for food, craft, and social activities such as swimming, fishing, and education for their children learning important life skills.

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